Friday, October 1, 2010


Dennis & Zhang Immigration Services, Ltd. is a full-service Canadian and US Immigration firm offering both USA and Canadian Immigration advice and services. We are insured and represent our clients through the processes of immigration and act for you with Canadian Immigration Center (CIC) Officers. We are registered as Canadian Society Immigration Consultants (CSIC Members) and we can provide our credentials and membership number on demand. We are also members of AILA within the USA and only a USA attorney can represent you in immigration matters for the USA. On USA Immigration, we can assist you in acquiring the following type visas; B1-B2-H1b-L1-TN1-P1-O1-E2-EB5-J1 etc.

We are unique in that we are an honest reliable immigration firm specializing in both Canadian and USA Immigration and always represent our clients at the highest level possible. In addition, we offer value added services that no other company does. We can advise you on issues like the new CEC class in Canada and the consequences of the new Immigration Bill C50, C47, CEC and C160 and what it means to you as a potential Canadian Citizen and/or skilled worker coming to Canada in the future!!!!

Please be aware of "Ghost Consultants" who are not licensed representing you working out of homes or countries overseas as this can be a costly mistake for you the potential client and especially when telling you they work for free!!! Nobody works for free!!!

Our firm speaks Spanish, Mandarin and English so complex immigration paperwork to the USA and/or Canada does not have to be frustrating especially when we can assist you as seasoned professionals. We work very hard to be successful in your immigrating to Canada and/or the USA. You can be be assured you are dealing with real immigration practitioners at all times. Our offices are not home based and are located both in the USA and Canada for your convenience. We can also help with waivers if you have been stopped from entering the USA and can assist with any type of Canadian or USA immigration issues.

Pleae visit us now at any of our active web sites:

Tel: 604-214-0611
Fax: 604-214-0612
Tel: Toll Free in USA & Canada 1-877-314-0611


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