Thursday, October 21, 2010

Need Assistance with a Traffic Ticket? (Traffic Court, USA)

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If you are not feeling comfortable about representing yourself in Court for that traffic ticket you received, or any other type of ticket, please e-mail us now. Avoid harming your driving record by going by yourself. Hire an effective communicator to explain your situation to the prosecutor and the Court, while also receiving unbiased counsel as to possible outcomes. If you have a ticket and you are trying to avoid getting points on your driving record or just not sure how to plead on your court date, let us help.

David E. Gordon, an experienced Chicago-area trial lawyer who is available to represent your interests.

Former litigation partner at a large Chicago firm with nearly two decades of trial experience. University of Chicago and University of Illinois for law and accounting degrees. Have consistently represented clients in Traffic Court, as well as, Federal Court, Bankruptcy Court, State Court and numerous administrative agencies.

We can provide affordable legal representation without the hassle and with realistic fees. More information is also available at our website.

Please contact us with the nature of your ticket, the location of the courthouse and the date and time of your ticket. We can put you at ease.

David E. Gordon, JD, CPA
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