Sunday, December 5, 2010

Make the Money You DESERVE!!! FT 100K – 200K Management 250K+ $500.00 (DC, BALTIMORE, AND SURROUNDING COUNTIES)


We have the best benefits protection program in the business and we have serious demand nationwide, especially in DC and surrounding counties. After all, we are in a market where 100% of our clients have temporary, inadequate, or no coverage at work. Can you imagine selling a product that everybody NEEDS (not just wants), and all you have to do is meet with government employees, educate them on their benefits package, and fill the gaps in their coverage?

We are looking for hard-working professionals to present this program in the client’s office or home. We are looking for full-time professionals.

Our clients are all referrals, and if you know anything about referrals, you know this is the best lead possible. We simply call them and set up an appointment. We meet the client in their office or home, identify gaps in their benefits package, and then write a policy to fill those gaps. We also help with their retirement options. The average government employee has lost 40-60% in the retirement funds. We promote fixed indexed annuities that solve most of the baby boomers and government retirement issues. After spending about 45 minutes with the clients, we make a commission anywhere from $400.00 to $8,000.00.

Under the direction of our multi-millionaire success coach, all of our full time agents make over 6 figure incomes. And this income is unlimited!

Typically our agents make 60k+ part time, 120-150k full-time, 250k+ management.
We also offer a $500 signing bonus for new hires that are able to meet the requirements.

What we are looking for:
* A person willing to commit to our system.
* A passion to honestly help families.
* A positive attitude with a strong desire to become wealthy.
* An ability to follow a step by step selling system.

We need you and you need us. Contact us with your resume for a chance to see if we may be a good fit!

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