Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Career Opportunities in Mongolia

IT Specialist with MCP 70-672 certificate

Tavan Bogd Group is a privately-owned Mongolian conglomerate with strategically diversified business interests operating 9 subsidiaries and 4 associated companies. Its original company, Tavan Bogd Co., was established in 1995 to distribute Fujifilm photo-processing services to the Mongolian market. Fourteen years later, the Group has grown into one of the largest conglomerates in the country focusing on key operations within four strategic areas of Trade and Service, Manufacturing, Tourism and Hospitality, Real Estate Management and has a substantial stake in the largest domestic commercial bank, Khan Bank.

Over its history, the Group has consistently been on the forefront of Mongolian market opportunities in developing its business. It has derived success from distributing top international brands, providing high-quality service and making well-timed, strategic expansions and investments. These competitive advantages, along with the prudent strategy of risk management through operational diversity, have resulted in remarkable growth for the Group in recent years.

Tavan Bogd Group is to become a partner of the Microsoft Corporation in Mongolia and we are inviting highly motivated and individuals to join our team.
The requirements of the position offered are to live and work in Mongolia for the agreed upon contractual time span. We will offer you competitive compensation package, benefits, career opportunities, a highly positive working environment as well as a unique opportunity to join the ranks of the of the fastest growing conglomerates in the second fastest growing economy of the world.

Main duties and tasks:

• Supply all necessary Microsoft licensing information for Mongolian and foreign invested companies.
• Evaluate the pains and needs of potential as well as existing customers, and based on the findings, develop custom tailored Microsoft licensing solutions.
• Maximize the customer’s value deriving from the utilization of genuine Microsoft volume licensing solutions.
• Develop or organize MCP training programs for all staff members and customer companies.
• Provide support to the project leader for Microsoft licensing and solutions technology and other related tasks.
• Be responsible for all customer complaints regarding Microsoft IT-solutions.
• Organize community activities for customers and the public in order to promote awareness about the increased value of using genuine Microsoft IT-solutions.


• MCP 70-672 Certificate from the Microsoft Corporation.
• Experience in sales and negotiations ideally within software industry.
• A passion for sales within a technology environment and for the business value it drives
• Ability to navigate customer organizations and comfortable speaking at all organizational levels.
• Creative in meeting customer requirements as well as assessing the pains and needs of potential and existing customers, while driving company goals and objectives.
• Disciplined working with people, both within and outside the organization; able to explain complex licensing solutions.
• Able to live in Mongolia while running an existing project.
• Understanding with different cultural issues and an ability to adapt to a new working environment, society and intercultural communication.
• Previous expatriate working experience will be preferable for this position.

To apply please submit your CV to yeruu@tavanbogd.com or dial +976-99027086 for any other related enquiries...

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