Thursday, March 3, 2011

Receptionist at clinic in Tokyo JAPAN (Jobs in Japan)

Hello, USE your English skill for a Receptionist at a Clinic.

We are Global Power Company Limited, a recruitment agency for foreigners.
We are currently seeking for a native English and Japanese speaker as a receptionist at clinic

Position/ receptionist

Job detail/ You will be in charge for a reception position by Japanese and English at clinic in Tokyo

The Clinic Information
-Japanese female patients 90%
-European and American female patients 10%

Necessary Skill /
-English and Japanese Native level
-Experience a receptionist at Hotel etc
-Basic PC skill

Hourly wage/ 1,500 yen + transportation fee

Location/ HIroo in Tokyo

work schedule/
-5day a week (mon , tue , wed , fri , sat)
-clinic hours 9:30-20:00
-you will work 8 hours between 9:30 and 20:00.
-early shift/9:30-18:30late shift/11:00-20:00

Please send a Japanese resume.

e-mail :


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