Friday, May 6, 2011

Sports Counselor & Facility Assistant (East Northport) United States

Day Camp looking to hire a Sports Counselor/Facility Assistant.
Dates: June 27-August 5, 9:15am- 4:15pm Monday- Thursdays and 9:15am-3:15pm Fridays.
We know that the key to a successful camp is the quality of its staff. We are interested in a caring, responsible and capable person, who loves working with children . Ideal candidate should possess experience working with children, an energetic disposition and a clear sense of responsibility.

General Responsibilities:
*Assist with running sports for the various bunks at Gan Israel
*Assist with facility management.

Specific Duties:

• Assist with maintenance of cafeteria on a daily basis, especially around lunch time
• Assist with set up of water park and maintain it every day (safe setup, take in what is needed etc.)
• Assist with maintenance of classrooms as needed

• Assist with set up of sports closet prior to start of program.
• Assist with end-of-season inventory and store equipment safely. Pack all materials at end of season.
• Conduct daily check of program area and equipment for safety, cleanliness and good repair.
• Run sports activities directly as per the schedule you receive.
• Evaluate current season and make recommendations for equipment, supplies and program for following season.

Please call Raizel at 917.627.2062 or e-mail for details and payment info.


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