Sunday, June 19, 2011

Doctor Opening (Indianapolis, IN)

Mobile Doctors, a physician practice management company specializing in making house calls to geriatric and disabled patients, is seeking either a full-time or part-time Physician to provide at-home primary care. Our patients are primarily Medicare recipients who appreciate the care that we provide.

• Communicate effectively with patients, caregivers, agency nurses, other providers, and vendors as necessary to assure proper diagnosis and treatment.
• Assess complex individuals using a range of different diagnostic methods.
• Make specific interventions based on evidence, when appropriate to assess needs.
• Actively promote preventative care and early intervention.
• Perform minor surgical procedures (i.e. debridements, etc.) when required.
• Listen to patients, ask questions, and address their needs. Actively display compassion and empathy.
• Evaluate patient medication and write/order prescriptions as needed.
• Complete all required documentation of each patient visit thoroughly, in accordance with Mobile Doctors procedure.
• Sign all care plans, nursing orders, medical equipment orders and other necessary paperwork in a timely manner.

Benefits to Working at Mobile Doctors:
• We will cover your malpractice insurance.
• You will be assigned a Medical Assistant to assist you at every visit.
• The Medical Assistant, in a GPS-equipped company car, will chauffeur you to each patient's residence.
• You will have the support of a team of staff, who will schedule your visits, market for new patients, answer your phone calls, order medical supplies, bill the visits, perform quality assurance checks, carry out orders and handle a variety of other duties.
• You can have a positive work/life balance, with no mandatory weekends!
• Overall, we let you focus solely on the clinical aspect.

About Mobile Doctors:
Mobile Doctors is a rapidly growing, recession-resistant company of 130+ employees and physicians. We are headquartered in Chicago, with additional offices in Detroit, Phoenix, Indianapolis and Kansas City, performing over 5000 house calls per month. We are also currently making plans to open two new offices within the United States in 2011. We take many of tests and procedures typically performed in the physician's office, and perform them directly in the patients' homes. These tests include phlebotomy, debridements, echocardiograms, carotid dopplers, arterial and venous dopplers, general ultrasounds, and x-rays.

We are accepting H1B/J1 visa applicants for this opening.

To be considered for this opportunity please forward your CV to Nick at or call 312-848-5319
Thank you

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